Calendar concepts

So I chose to be a part of the Calendar pipeline project.

My role is to help create the concepts, as well as an on set stylist.

Here is my list of concepts I came up with for the first week:



Art history – art historian gets cozy in a library surrounded by books in January

Jewelry/Craft – major gives handmade ring to valentine in February.

Animation – model is an animation in a program workspace. Month N/A

Fashion : either fashion major struggles to keep their look together in a rainstorm in April or they are working on a Halloween costume in October.

Comics/narrative: photographs arranged in a comic panel layout with integrated speech balloons/sound effects. Maybe a scene having to do with the last day of school in May.

Cinematography: camera operator tries to get a dolly shot in roller skates. Month N/A

Illustration: illustrator makes Christmas cards in December

Interior design: Maybe interior designer presents a layout for a haunted house in October?


Photography, industrial design, adgraph, fine art. <need more information.


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