Ambiguous Space

“Ambiguous Space: Create a series of images that are ambiguous in structure. Ambiguous space is neither flat nor has volume. It exists between deep and flat space, 2d and 3d.”

I picked this prompt because it sounded like a challenge!

I divide my process into 4 super general parts: brainstorm, thumbnails, layout, and execution. In this blog post I’ll share the first two steps for my proposal.


I started with word association, starting with the phrase “Ambiguous space.” Here I turn off the critical part of my brain and just write whatever I associate with that word. As I continue, my idea gets more concrete.20170119-110620

In the end, I decided that I would create three collage images based on three Major Arcana tarot cards which exemplify the concept of ambiguity to me – The Moon, The High Priestess, and The Chariot. I will create these collages using cutouts from magazines and newspapers from the 60’s-80’s. I aim to preserve the meaning of the cards, but without clinging to their original compositions. I think that collage is perfect for creating an ambiguous sense of space with overlap.

I did some research on imagery related to these themes based on my brainstorm. I’m very inspired by other collage artists, especially Soviet photomontage, Constructivist posters, and Dadaism.

As a tarot reader myself, I’m familiar with the tarot. I specifically want to look at the early Marseille deck and the more contemporary Rider-Waite deck.

Here are some examples of collage type things that I’ve done. 

A page from a scrapbook I’m making out of my great-grandmother’s recipe cut-outs.
A composite image I made in photoshop using Boticelli’s Venus and a vintage Playboy cover.
A page from a comic I made using cut-out type.


Here are my initial thumbnails. Since this is collage, I wasn’t sure how to do a proper sketch – so  I just mapped out the shapes I want to create.


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